The URL Dater Check Box

      Check this box to put the date on the end of your URL. For example: Some people date their URL as a way to track how well their ad is working. This date will follow the URL after a visitor clicks it and would show up in one's server logs. So later when the logs are checked, the webmaster will be able to tell when it was posted. If one keeps track of what ads are posted and when they are posted he or she will be able to tell what ads are working for them. When someone click's the link their browser ignores the "?" and the numbers.

        WARNING: Dating a URL will make it unique each day. Everyday that it is submitted, it will be treated by the free for all links pages as a different URL. If the person posting the ad is not careful they might "pepper" the FFA pages with their ad. This feature is meant to be used as a tracking tool and not a way to fill a FFA page with ones links.

The Speed Control Selector

        You decide how long to wait for each database to submit. Speed options are from one (1) to twenty (20). The number tells the submitter how long to wait before "moving on" to the next FFA site. Lower settings (numbers) instructs the submitter to work faster and not to wait as long for a report back. At lower settings, you may "miss" the slower responding FFA sites. In some cases your submit may be successful even though it is not reflected in your results. This is because the submitter sends your site info but does not wait long enough for the FFA server to report back.

        Using the lower settings will lower your over all successful postings. At the higher settings, your successful postings will be higher and results more accurate, but the submit process will be slower. If you are not sure what setting to choose, use the default setting, submit, review the results, check your "contact" ratio, and go from there.

       Several factors can affect submit speed, the speed of the FFA site, Internet traffic, and many others. The High Velocity SILVER BULLET SUBMITTER gives you the POWER and CONTROL that is needed for today's high turn-over free for all links pages.


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