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This service is provided as is, and carries no warranty other than supplying for said users use of web pages and or programs. This warranty only applies to the period of time that the user has paid for in advance and the service can be terminated by Silver Services without notice after this paid for period of time. The web pages and or programs that are included in the service are only for use by the member to promote web pages that are owned or operated by him or her. The user agrees to not hold Silver Services, any division of Silver Services, Silver Media Services, any of its employees, venders or advertisers responsible for any loss of time, profit or any other loss, seen or unforeseen resulting from the use of this service. The user also understands that all search engines and directories use computer technology and or human reviewers. For this reason, it cannot be guaranteed that users URL will be added to every engine or directory database that is submitted to. The user understands that it is his or her own responsibility to provide the equipment and Internet connection necessary to use this service. The user understands that the speed and completeness of his or her submission using Silver Submit is based on several factors. Some of these factors are but not limited to, the users internet connection, the search engine, directory or free for all links page server speed and condition of the site being submitted to, users ability and brand and release of browser. The user also understands that Silver Submit should not be used to post adult or xxx sites. Also that if a user is found to be in violation of this agreement the service could be discontinued to the user by Silver Submit and no fees will be refunded to the user.

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